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A long-time YouTuber with an original voice, Victor Grant has captivated audiences with his insatiable charm. After a successful Kickstarter campaign launched to raise funds for his first EP, plus a grueling year of writing and producing, Grant has finally released a taste of his highly anticipated record, Out of the Dark.

The single, Got It Bad, feels like a sleek pop package that’s knocking on the door of mainstream consumption.

We have exclusive access to Victor Grant‘s first single. Lucky you.


Grant wrote the song about his friend’s relationship that turned sour.

Got it Bad was written when I watched a 4-year relationship between two of my best friends literally end overnight. They both stopped talking to me (for whatever reasons) and I tried to put myself in her shoes. What is going through her head? How is she feeling? I sat down at my keyboard, played a couple notes, and the verses just started flowing out as this letter to him, from her. While this letter couldn’t have compared to what the girl actually would’ve said/felt, it helped me to mourn this relationship/friendship.

You can feel the yearning for a fix in the haunting piano, his confusion in the distorted vocals, the begging synths, the driving beat, all underlined with glossy melodies over a funky bass line.

You can’t help but dance the pain away.


Grant says the EP, Out of the Dark, combs through the many colors of a relationship. He covers everything between love, heartache, and learning to move on.

Got it Bad helps to set the tone of this record because it’s the initial break up. It’s the “poor me” feeling, and the rest of the EP explores the anger, evaluation, drunkenness, reminiscing, and loss/forgiveness/acceptance that followed.

Grant’s itching to leave the shadows and show the world what he’s made of.

But will we turn on the light?


With over 250,000 YouTube views and almost 3,000 subscribers, Grant’s videos have received high praise from the fan base he built for himself. In the dawn of 2017, he’s ready to craft a career out of doing what he loves.

Recording this record was such an eye opening experience. I don’t think people fully understand what it takes to essentially pull these songs out of thin air. I know I didn’t.

Fresh-faced, confident, and 100% original, Victor Grant just might be the voice today’s pop music scene has been craving.


Out of the Dark is set for a March, 2017 release date.

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